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My name is Chris Mitchell, I’ve always enjoyed Art, it brings a sense of accomplishment during and after painting! As a kid I would draw everywhere I went basically. I took art 2 years in high school, it’s a good way to unwind from stresses of life!!

I started working for my Dad in 1990 out of high school working as HVAC Tech/Installer, Electrical & Plumbing. In 2004 I went to doing utility work part time due to joining the Fire Service at end of 2004. Basically working 10 days a month at Newnan Fire Dept. and other spare time doing utility work still.


A lot of paintings I have not only painted at home but at the Fire Dept. as well out in the bay during the downtime after 5 p.m., being that I’m there for 24 hours every third day! I enjoy painting or drawing to help clear the mind to some degree.     


Chris Mitchell


(706) 594-4908


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