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My passion for drawing and painting has grown over the past ten years while raising English pointing dogs.


 Art has been my avocation since early teenage years, and fortunately the passion continues to evolve and grow.


Originally, my primary interest was drawing, which is why my portraits of dogs look so realistic.   


Most of my early drawings and paintings were of my dog Jake, a black and white English pointer. I used photographs as reference tools, while my dog was a “live” model. I have grown to love to study the structure of a dog’s head and work to try to capture the personality.  The progression from drawing to painting has continued to evolve to oil painting.  Two recent paintings are two bird dogs from a hunting plantation in GA, named Hunting Duo and another of a Brittany.


Making a little time for art has added some balance to my life. My long term goal is to create art that will provide lasting memories of pets for clients.

Susan Kilgore Gadrix

Drawing and Oil Painting

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