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After practicing many facets of dentistry for 41 years I retired.  You might be surprised to know that ART is a MAJOR part of performing quality dentistry every day.  Dentists must consider shape, texture, color, lighting, surrounding structures and much more to produce beautiful smiles and even small resin bonded restorations. So, making a move to this form of creativity is more natural than you might think.


I am excited about this new journey and the unlikely beginning.  A few years ago, I took my granddaughter to a Hobby Lobby in Newnan, GA to take a “Paint Pouring” class.  We both fell in love with it and decided to do more at home.  From those innocent beginnings intended to simply give me something to share with my granddaughter I have evolved through watching countless videos, experimentation and just trying ... “what if’s”.  Trust me it is a journey... often disappointing, but more often a source of immense satisfaction.  


There is no “natural” explanation as to why I was honored in 2020 by having a piece accepted for the Southeast Regional Art Exhibition in LaGrange, GA.  ` I received so much encouragement from seasoned artists as well as interest in my work from casual observers to those who attempted to explain to me “why it works”.  In 2020 that piece was honored with a “People’s Award”.   Again in 2022 I had piece accepted to this regional Art Exhibition. I was truly honored again.


I’ve learned you cannot exist without art... It is EVERYWHERE. If your eyes can see or your fingers feel... YOU can enjoy the art around you. I know I will be experimenting with other forms of artistic expression.  I hope you enjoy this journey along with me.


My granddaughter whispered to me recently, “Poppa.... are you famous?”  I cannot tell you how that simple statement warms an old man’s heart.  I told Khylie, “No honey.  Poppa’s not famous... more like infamous ... but we are working on it.”  She loves me anyway.


Here’s an interesting aside.... If you see my signed work, you will notice a STAR and the year in one corner, usually in gold.  Quick story.... The star is actually my initials, JV, positioned in such a way as to appear to be a star.


When my wife and I started dating her sister referred to me as the STAR on Kathy’s Christmas that’s it.  BTW... She’s my HEART... Watch for HEARTS in the future.


John Vollenweider, DMD


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