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I am a recent transplant from the New Orleans area to the city of LaGrange.  The multitude of hurricanes, and preparation for them, drove my husband and I from the city that we love.  One drive through the Lafayette Square downtown captured my heart, but it was meeting the talented members of VAAL that secured this city as my home. 

I am an intuitive artist, who did not realize until I was in my teens, that everyone did not have the ability to draw and paint.  I still challenge that statement to this day.  I learn by surrounding myself with talented people who mentor and critique my work; all the while studying theirs.  I have hit the jackpot with the wealth of talent in LaGrange, and so look forward to interacting with these artists.

My greatest joy in painting is having someone who appreciates my work enough to make it a part of their home.  Couple that with knowing that I have created an individual piece that exists nowhere else in this world, and that is my impetus.

My past work, I am told, reflects what I am feeling at that point in time, along with a love of all things water…seashores, boats etc.   With my new LaGrange surrounds, I will embrace art through new eyes, and what an adventure that will be.

Elaine Mercer Clements


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