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Originally from Rogersville Alabama, and I have resided in LaGrange Georgia since 1983.  I started drawing around 11 years old and never completely stopped. Private art lessons began in the 70’s with my friend Vickie Wheeler, a very talented artist/art major, exploring acrylic.  She inspired me to continue my artistic endeavors.  While attending the University of North Alabama, majoring in Commercial/Studio Art, I developed a strong appreciation for the art world which has never left me.  Spending time in the pottery studio was also a passion.  From a ball of clay comes a piece of art. 

Most of my working career was associated with art in some way.  Graphic design, photography, screen-printing, and carpet-upholstery design have been a part of my career.

After retiring, painting with watercolors not only became a hobby, it became a late night addiction.  Intimidating as it can be, the fulfillment is even greater.  The desire to improve keeps my brush moving.  Achieving improvement in a painting is a big motivator for me.  Watercolor produces beautiful transparent colors which are somewhat controlled accidents, to keep the intrigue elevated.  The absolute very best personal inspiration is seeing my work after it has been framed and hung.  A painting in a finished form becomes more vulnerable to critique, opening my eyes to other directions and techniques.

There are times I enjoy deviating from watercolor. Trying other mediums in an attempt to explore and elevate different perspectives of technique.  After deviating, I always return to watercolor, it is my preferred passion.  It takes me on a trip without leaving my drawing table, every time! 


Terry Page


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