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I work in three different mediums: Oils, Pastels and Sculptures cast in bronze in a traditional realist style. My preference is for animals - horses, dogs, cats and even wild creatures and my subjects are my inspiration. They have personalities and can be gentle, arrogant, determined and warm.  I believe that they also have emotions and can reason. They protect each other and have loyal friendships; enjoy happiness and endure grief. They can convey strength, courage and a competitive spirit, as well as compassion. Convincing the viewer of these beliefs and these attributes through my art.

With each project, I try to determine which characteristics should be emphasized and do my best to bring those to the fore. This rationalization influences the medium that I will select; sculpture, pastels or oils.  Whenever possible I like to meet my subjects , make sketches, take reference photos and notes to retain these impression and keep them fresh. 

The medium selected can sometimes help better accomplish my objective, whether to capture their soul or their spirit. Each has their advantage, sculpture, oils or pastels. 

In addition to the Visual Artist’s Alliance of LaGrange I am a:

Fellow Member of the American Artists Profession League (NY)

Juried Member of the Academy of Equine Art (KY)

Member - Montgomery Art Guild (AL)

Member - Columbus Artist’s Guild (GA)

Member - Cultural Arts Council (TN) 


Len Jagoda


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