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There is something about the rich, warm browns, reds and yellows of soil striations and the feel of earth under our feet that connect us to our ancestors. The simplicity of ancient communicative lines and shapes have always fascinated me. Not just the gracefulness of marks, but the meaning of the communication behind those marks as well. Over 64,000 years ago, our ancestors were using pigments and their hands to create visuals of their stories. Now thousands of years later, I work in watercolor using line, shape and color to tell my story.


My art has two meanings, the one I hope to convey to the viewer, and the meaning that only the viewer personally interprets and understands.


Art comes from an ancient place. The urge to communicate through visual art is in our DNA.


Amy E’toile Skinner 

Lives and makes art in Pine Mountain, GA


Possum Trot Art Studio


BFA Agnes Scott College (GA)

Studied under ceramicist Steve Forbes-de Soule

Member of Columbus Artist Guild (GA)

Member of Visual Artists Alliance of LaGrange (GA)

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