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Here is where you can find VAAL news and announcements. VAAL members receive emails regularly with more need to know details.


Please share with us any opportunities to show work, any awards, or any showings you may have whether exhibit, show, art walk, sales, etc. In VAAL, it is ok to toot your own horn. Please share! We want to celebrate with you!

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2024 Board Election Results

President- Jennifer Emery

Vice President- Randall Parmer

Treasurer- Doug Wolfe

Exhibit Coordinators- Cindy Fulks, Steve Boykin

Hospitality Coordination Team- Luanne Gross, Cathy Wiggins, Maryse Vaillancourt-Prescott

Program Coordination Team- Steve Close (chair), Terry Page, Maryse Vaillancourt-Prescott

Website Coordinator- Sean Burnley (This position was not on the ballot, but he volunteers to continue for the foreseen future,)

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