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The mission of the VAAL is to bring together LaGrange area artists to form a more cohesive and supportive artist community, foster their activities, and to amplify their visibility and voice in the wider community.

Join us and become a member of VAAL

Membership is for visual artists at all levels of experience,

18 years and older, working in all mediums.


We have enjoyed great camaraderie and synergy through our fellowship of artists these past years. VAAL has been and is proving to be a growing vital part of our community thanks to you. The benefits of membership are numerous and while participating in a planning meeting recently we shared the positive gains we all experienced since joining.

Artist member benefits

• Invitations to all VAAL events

• Two guaranteed group exhibition featuring all member artists per year. VAAL also shares information to other exhibits that are not VAAL sponsored.

• Access to centralized information exchange amongst local artists.

• Free webpage inclusion at and access to members only social media. 

Dues and Fees

• Dues are $40 for the year for individual and $55.00 for family maximum of 2 members if paying by check or cash. If not paid by March 1 for existing members, a $10.00 upcharge will be added per quarter. No proration. New members will pay base fee with no upcharge. An additional $1.50 processing fee is added if paying online. Dues include participation in the VAAL website, participation in meetings and events and the opportunity to exhibit in shows.

• Exhibit fee will be $35.00 for one entry, and $50 for two entries per exhibit.

• Festival fees are $20 per event. This covers tent and display set ups.

Click HERE to pay your dues online

Getting Listed on the VAAL Members Pages

To include your information on the VAAL website please email the following information to Sean Burnley at

• A headshot or suitable representative of yourself—self portrait even.

• Maybe 5 - 8 samples of your work. Preferably higher-res images

• A short 2-3 paragraph bio or artist's statement.

• Any contact info, email, or website you would like included with your section.


Membership Form

         < Download Membership Application Here


         < Download Calendar of Events Here

Suffering Artist VAAL Exhibit

         < Download Application Here

Registration form — Annual LaGrange Art Exhibit

         < Download The LaGrange Art Museum VAAL Show registration

VAAL Sponsorship Opportunities

         < Help Support Our Artist Community Through Sponsorships

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