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I have always been fascinated with paper.  My artwork is an expression of my love for color, patterns and texture.  I “paint” with layers of paper most of which are recycled: sheet music, maps, receipts, wedding programs, old books, hand written notes, etc.   I use acrylics, ink and dye to enhance the existing color of the paper, changing the visual texture that a paper has. I have a cache of prepared papers that I have stamped, inked, stenciled and embellished with color that I use as my palette


Paper painting is very much like quilting as I use small torn pieces of this palette paper over a rough underpainting.  The underpainting is to help guide me in color and blending selections.  There are many layers to each piece as I build the art.  It is mesmerizing, freeing and satisfying to see an image emerge from paper. 


Terri Codlin



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