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Interpretation always includes facts but does not just reproduce factual information. It includes feelings and impressions. My paintings are an interpretation of a personal/emotional experience. I hope when viewing my paintings, a personal/emotional feeling will be elicited in the observer . . .  as simple as like/don’t like; or evoking a special memory, a mood, or even bringing into thought an aspiration. 


For example - 

The painting of the percussion section of the Seed and Feed Abominable Marching Band from Atlanta was a commission for a band member. It is watercolor on canvas, which eliminates the need for glass and a frame!


 “America the Beautiful: They Came Before Us” has the following explanation (my personal paintings all have an explanation…)

I was visiting the historic mining town of Silver City, Idaho. So many of the original buildings with their intriguing architecture of the period are still standing – some still even inhabited! American flags placed throughout the town caught my eye as well for the inspiration for this painting.” 


…and it goes on and on…  


Thank you for interacting with my artwork. I mainly do watercolor, but have worked in oil, colored pencil, and ink and watercolor. 


Joanna Botti Baxter

(706) 594-0991

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