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Jill Floyd Holt

I grew up in a small, rural, south Alabama town, where red dirt roads, filled with plum trees and blackberries growing wild, on the clay banks, were my heritage. I really just like to paint if you want the straight of it… usually subjects that have sentimental meaning to me. Painting is a gift that has been with me for the last 49 years of my life. I learned to paint in oil when I was 14.


Jill lives and paints in her studio in her home in Auburn, Alabama. Mrs. Holt’s training includes a BFA Degree from Auburn University. Jill has studied under many excellent teachers including, Daniel Greene, John Howard Sanden, Roger Dale Brown, Mark Boedges, and Gil Dillenger. Her studies have taken her to Venice, Italy, The Dolomites, California, Santa Fe, NM and many other exciting travels. Mrs. Holt’s work can be purchased through her website.


God has walked with me every step of life. It has been a good one. Through painting I share my personal story through discovery and evolution.


Jill Floyd Holt


Phone: 334-319-1497

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